07 abril 2014

The last tip I gave you tripled your principal

As I told you
the other day R..C.H.A was going to go nuts on Monday and it did. I hope you bought as much as you can in the 20-cent range because now that opportunity is long gone and it is trading upwards of 30 cents.

That being said, I talked to my friend again a few hours ago and he told me that he doesn't believe that R-C-H-A will just hit a buck this week. He's had all week end to analyse what is going on, and it seems like the company could be on the verge of a huge announcement in the coming days and if that announcement involves FDA approval for one of their drugs he thinks we can be looking at two to three dollars a share. That's up to 10 times the current price.

If you didn't believe me earlier when I told you to buy this now is the time amigo. I told you to get in when it was at 20. I am now advising you to get in at 30. I dont want to be telling you the same thing when it hits a dollar.

And if you are already in you should buy some more in light of this new information that's come out. I think we will all be very pleased with where this is going.

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