07 abril 2014

This is the opportunity of the year

This is the opportunity of the year. It has come knocking on our door and trust me I am not going to miss this chance. A trusted friend of mine told me that R* C* H* A is about to go from 20 cents to over a dollar. This little biopharmaceutical company has been working on mind boggling technologies to treat acute myolegenous leukemia and something tells me they are about to announce something huge.

What could it be I don�t know, but everything seems to agree on the fact that it will go up very fast. If you are amongst the lucky ones we should be able to buy shares for cheap on Monday. Like between 20 and 30 cents. If we can do that I�d say we are in great shape and we can expect to ride the train up to over a dollar.

I�ll be holding until then I hope you do the same too I want to see us pull as much as possible out of this. I am sick of playing the big companies that don�t produce much gains.

It�s time for a big move!

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