30 enero 2017

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5 Eye Exercises To Help Restore 20:20 Vision

There has been a significant increase in people who wear contact lenses and glasses over the last 15 years. A large percentage can be attributed to increased computer use at both home and work, plus increased watching of television.

Like any part of our body, our eyes must be exercised regularly to keep in shape. We think that our eyes will gradually degrade no matter what we do, then resort to wearing contact lenses or glasses when it happens. You may never need to wear glasses or contacts if you exercise your eyes regularly. Wearing those contact lenses and glasses might temporarily solve your vision problem, but over time your eyesight will get worse as your eyes adjust to the artificial lenses and you will then need stronger lenses to see clearly again. Ask your friends and family, those who are wearing contacts and glasses, and they will tell you their eyes have become worse over time and blame it on their eyes, but that is not really the cause.

There are, of course some exceptions to the rule, and many people will need glasses or contact lenses to cope with a kind of eye trauma, or to relieve congenital eye problems. However, the majority of eye issues can be prevented through regular exercise, and eliminate the need to wear glasses in the first place.






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