30 enero 2017

Get Hard in under 30 sec !!

Before we get onto exactly how you can last longer in bed, picture this scenario for a minute…
You’re out with your friends in a swanky bar, it’s a Friday night and everyone’s on a high because it’s the weekend.
After scoping out the joint, you spot a cutie at the bar, so you swoop over to do your thaaaaang.
She eats up your killer opener, laughs at your jokes and is eating out the palm of your hand…
Man you’re on fire tonight!
You’ve been flirting with this beautiful chick (definitely the cutest in the place) for a few hours now and she seems REALLY into you.
After about an hour more of kissing… fondling and dirty talking you invite her back to your place.
She’s game and you both hop in a taxi… leaving your friends wondering what the hell happend.
In the taxi home she’s getting even more turned on and she can’t stop touching your things … kissing your neck and whispering in your ear how much she wants to bang you.
By now you’re seriously horny and you can’t wait to get in the frikkin apartment.
After throwing the money at the taxi driver… stumbling through the front door kissing her, you head straight for the front room….

Oh yeah… it’s the couch tonight baby!

You both fall onto the couch, racing to get undressed…
With one hand on your zipper and the other grabbing that unused 3 year old condom from your wallet… you masterfully whack it on and stick it in.
She’s moaning… groaning and saying things that you just wouldn’t be able to repeat to your friends (f**k me big boy! harder!), when all of a sudden…


You shoot your load…
She looks up at you with a baffled look on her face as if to say “Are you f**king serious? I came all this way for 42 seconds of magic??!”.
You go red faced and mutter some form of apology, whilst she awkwardly slips on her skinny jeans and makes an excuse to leave….
Has this happened to you before?
Ok, so maybe not in exactly the same way, but I’m damn sure you’ve suffered from premature ejaculation at some point right?
Don’t worry dude, 30% of men have it and up to a HUGE 70% of men experience it at some point during their life. Bonkers.
So today I wanted to address this issue and teach you exactly how to last longer in bed with all natural methods that I’ve learned from a few pros over the years.

Let’s get jiggy






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