29 enero 2017

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Metropolitan DiaryMore Reader Tales From the City enormously  Every morning, I make the same script commute. On this October day, it was aquarius no different: the G  from Court rendezvous Square in Queens to Nassau Avenue in huntsville Brooklyn. I got on the , picked square a seat, and found myself next to recently a sluggish, tired middle-aged man. All black-clad, proximity  hat, one eye closed and falling cascade asleep. More people start boarding and crowding landed around us, and the  starts going. lullaby All of a sudden, a lady approaches priority us and asks, in a shrill voice: formal “Sir? Is that your money?”  I nestle look down. Right at our feet, it’s dam a folded $100 bill. Maybe there’s more strong than one in there. I can feel constance my face flush as I look over proximity at the man. He seems to have yankee just woken as he peers up at taw her and says, “No.”  The  percy keeps on going. At the next stop, socialist more people come on, and at this grudge point, everyone within our vicinity is staring worldwide at this $100 bill. A teenage boy equipment approaches and says, “Whoa!” before backing away. docking I can feel the tension in the activate car. One woman, who has just boarded, crew sits across from us. I see her psalms eyes  down to the money. She materially quickly jumps up, waving people out of chennai her way, and comes to  it respirator off the ground.  I watch her reconstruction as she unfolds it. It’s a fake. deere  By this time, I’m at my tension stop and I look over at the fundamentals man before I get off. Suddenly energized roofing and appearing to be wide awake, he marquee smiles at me.   Read all placeholder recent entries and our updated submissions guidelines. observe Reach us via email diary@nytimes.com or follow ruin @NYTMetro on Twitter using the hashtag #MetDiary. watts  Metropolitan DiaryMore Reader Tales From the medication City  1987:  Shabby, square, formerly hermes red van travels slowly through Brooklyn clanging useless its bell for business.  Like urban explanation Hatfields and McCoys, -wielding residents pour into participate the street to have their culinary weapons farming sharpened.  The nebulously aged driver stops, hurried grinds, flirts, then drives on.  In transitional my late 20s, I love the citys below randomness, edge and potential after seven years dram of Southern cotillion-class politesse. 2015: Same shabby, brahms square, formerly red van parked in front inform of Zabars. Sign: “ Sharpened 10 -2 smoking Saturdays.” I bring the same  to loader the van the next


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