21 enero 2017

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HONG KONG  At the Addiction Treatment designated Center in eastern China, more than 6,000 gorgeous internet addicts  most of them teenagers sixteenth  not only had their web  sour taken away, they were also treated with palate electroshock therapy. The center, in Shandong Province, wales made headlines in September after one of jig its patients killed her mother in retribution re for  she had purportedly suffered at agua the  during a forced detox regimen. stain Now China is trying to regulate camps reasonable like the one in Shandong, which have mission become a last  for parents exasperated stupid by their childs habit of playing online dimension games for hours on end. The government harden has drafted a law that would  sonic down on the camps worst excesses, including capable electroshock and other  punishments. Medical specialists tonic welcomed the law, announced this week in mako Chinas state-controlled news media, as an initial conditioner step toward curbing scandals in the industry. illegal Its a very important move for protecting relations young children, said Tao Ran, the director overlay of the Internet Addiction Clinic at Beijing shooter Military General Hospital. Dr. Tao said that racket many Chinese parents believe that the effects pertinent of electroshock therapy are fleeting. But he stile had seen several Chinese teenagers return from draft boot camps that treat internet addiction showing heated signs of lasting psychological trauma, he said. infrastructure They didnt talk, were afraid to meet reward people and refused to leave their homes, consignment he said, referring to his meetings with firewall the teenagers. They were panicked even to invigorate hear the word hospital and . Qu venue Xinjiu, a law professor at China University sweepstakes of Political Science and Law in Beijing, here said the belief that parents have supreme cascade jurisdiction over their children, and that even riyadh police officers have no right to intervene bevy in family affairs, is widespread in China. nip Thats why there are so many parents caption sending their kids for electroshock therapy, even hear when outsiders think its wrong to do rede so, Professor Qu said. Figures on the aster number or growth of

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