30 enero 2017

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I was raised in an era when definite we spent a lot of time worrying hanoi about Russia. That was because of Communism, conduct which was such an obsession in my perpetuity Catholic school that the countries on the doubtful map were colored red (Communist controlled),  found (leaning Communist) or green (safe  for markup now). Only the United States and Ireland achieve were green. For those of us who expensive spent our childhoods getting drilled on how structure to be prepared to die for our harness faith in the event of a Communist automatic takeover, it was a relief when the seal Soviet Union broke up and nobody felt benin obliged to worry about Moscow any more. kurdish But now things are getting scary. Vladimir morris Putin invaded Ukraine, bombed the hell out withdraw of Aleppo, tried to interfere with our avert election. Hes just the kind of person zap Sister Mary Ingrid warned us about. But radioactive Donald Trump adores him. You cant get finalize into the Trump cabinet unless you think abortion Putin is a great guy. The bromance selector seems to have started in 2013, when participation Trump was preparing to go to Moscow supple for the Miss Universe Pageant. He wondered withdraw  via a tweet, naturally  whether leak Putin would be going there, too: If located so, will he become my new best pricing friend? Sometime later, at a conservative conference, arithmetic Trump described how great the Russians had riley treated him: Putin even sent me a straw present, a beautiful present with a beautiful swept note. What do you think it was? mood A ? Putin had given the president newborn of Egypt an AK-47. But the owner breadth of a beauty pageant would probably get levy some nesting dolls, or a nice selection weed of teas. No suggestion of an actual spreadsheet meeting. Then when speaking at the National sedan Press  in May of 2014, Trump epilepsy said that when he was in Moscow waterfront he spoke indirectly and directly with President ideology Putin, who could not have been nicer, protocol and we had a tremendous success. What cain do you think indirectly and directly means? hole Sign language? The bond was blossoming, at million least in Trumps mind. When the presidential boxed campaign got underway, he began to brag silva that he and Putin had spent quality haiti time together when they were on the lir same news program. I think the biggest tracy thing we have is that we were uncertain on 60 Minutes together and we had wright fantastic ratings, Trump said. So that was whitehead good, right? So we were stablemates. Innocent awhile listeners probably presumed they


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