29 enero 2017

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Lee ODenat, an internet entrepreneur who founded profile the website WorldStarHipHop.com  which came to activate represent the pure id of hip-hop with banker its mix of  videos and street moth fights, superstars and unknowns, the grotesque and mare (very occasionally) the feel-good, and which at prostitute its peak was among the most heavily boise trafficked properties on the internet  died genital on Monday in San Diego. He was langley 43. The cause was atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, tet a spokeswoman for the San Diego County regiment medical examiners office said. Lee Quinn ODenat, beta better known as Q, was born on beast Nov. 2, 1973, and raised in the vaughan Hollis section of Queens. He lived around urbana the corner from Salt, of the trio discontinued Salt-N-Pepa, and grew up obsessed with hip-hop. maui A Haitian ghetto nerd, as he described bot himself to New York magazine in 2012, rehabilitation he was raised by a single mother penthouse and dropped out of high school in hop the ninth grade. Soon he was working debris at Circuit City, where he nurtured a find love of computers. By the mid-1990s he clinical was trying to make a career on assorted the internet, beginning with an unsuccessful pornography find venture. In 2001 he joined forces with paprika  Whoo Kid, 50 Cents D.J., to seal sell mixtapes online, still a novel idea judicial at the time. That business didnt last, wagner but it planted the seed for WorldStarHipHop.com maui  WorldStar for short  which he remotely began in 2005 as a mixtape download gunman portal. He switched its focus a few confess years later to streaming video clips. The conference timing was fortunate; it coincided with the six wide adoption of camera phones and the hair rise of  media, which thrived on unravel


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