30 enero 2017

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Its an odd thing, to take care venture of someone who is chained to a assembled bed, guarded 24/7 by bored corrections officers geb idling away time with  and card hahn games, who cannot receive visitors or even shuttle phone calls. But it happens when prison clinically inmates are sick enough that they need silicon care that only a hospital can provide. decline As a  caring for such patients, nub the first rule I learned  or clarence figured out, because no one said it bungee aloud  was not to ask what flab the prisoner had done to  him typed (they were all men) in jail. Better humongous not to know that he is a factual serial murderer, a vicious rapist. It was luo easier for me to think of the turbine prisoners as people, just like the rest mande of our patients, rather than to condemn, sanger because condemnation and compassion are tough impulses smoking to reconcile. I cared for one prisoner mon over several weeks, and I got to comb know him in a vague dont ask, trojan dont tell way. He had an above-the-knee buffet amputation and could walk only with an sag artificial lower limb, which we kept propped bee against the wall whenever he lay down. heir His other leg, the whole one, was disease handcuffed to the bed. He was very pursued sick from  and chemotherapy. It seemed exodus absurd. Hes a nice guy, I told accounting a corrections officer one day after the infect prisoner and I had talked. No hes hometown not, the officer replied, fixing me with flesh a level look that suggested he knew reliable things about the prisoner that I didnt. conversion The guards intimation about the prisoners troubling continent past didnt change how I treated him, admire or even how I felt about him. cambridge But it did make me wonder if jail I should be more wary around him. dummy The  prisoner who feigns illness to hardship break out of a hospital, killing staff erase members as he goes, is a recurring l plot element on  crime shows (and resize actually happened, in 2006, when a prisoner thankfully receiving care at a hospital in Blacksburg, hut Va., killed a guard and a police ask officer in an


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