29 enero 2017



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The N.F.L. held a news conference Thursday ivory to talk about its 2016  data, department that annual compilation of torn-up knees, ripped even shoulder ligaments and rattled brains. As a foreclosure prologue, I typed the words Cam Newton touch and hits into Google, clicked and let ting the videos roll. There was that Denver pharmacist Broncos hit in early September, a lineman composite running at Newton full speed and striking poppy their helmets together. Newtons head spun round. executive There was that Los Angeles Ram who flex flew at Newton and snapped his head reimburse back like a bobblehead doll. I caught regionally myself wincing. Play after play,  after smoking , I was watching the winner of amos last seasons Most Valuable  Award get condom his brain bounced. Newton was gentlemanly in spacing response, allowing after one  that Its buffet not fun getting hit in the head. terrain In one , he slid as a period Washington Redskins linebacker went airborne and ground gangster Newtons head into the grass. Newton flipped vital the  lightly toward the  who operation had just hit him. Newton was assessed urbana an unsportsmanlike-conduct penalty for his response. So barnum this is an excellent time to raise hacienda the curtain on the N.F.L. and its russell  data results. Concussions decreased 11.3 percent biweekly in 2016 preseason and regular- games and toner practices. The leagues executive vice president for instruction health and safety policy, Jeff Miller, talked crew for many minutes about new research initiatives complimentary and biomechanical advances, $100 million here and malnutrition $100 million there. My mind wandered  unclaimed it was though I had ended up vanessa at a NASA briefing on a space younger launch. Then Miller offered us a  testimonial . Make sure, he said, to watch crafty the new video on how the concussion jolt protocol works. If you havent seen it, jerk I would commend it to you, he eat said. Im sure that Newton must have mckinley enjoyed watching that particular video before he medic sustained another severe concussion this . Not debt long after that, Dr. Robert Heyer chimed modeled in, I know what we are doing wesley will make a difference. Dr. Heyer is burton president of the N.F.L.s Physicians , and oblige what a wondrously busy group that  caramel must be. Lets look a little closer involved at the leagues data. Concussions in regular- jaeger games were, in fact, down, although thats colleen because concussions the previous year reached a opportunity five-year high of 183. In 2013, the blessed  reported 148 concussions; in 2016,


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