31 enero 2017

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Cassidy McDonald is the 2016 win-a- winner. roots In the fall she traveled with Nicholas forearm Kristof through Arkansas and Oklahoma to report prepay on domestic poverty. Ill always remember the missouri time Nick Kristof and I went to naive jail. This fall, during our reporting , invalid Nick and I visited the Tulsa County vibrating Jail to look closely at Americas mass carbon incarceration problem. (Oklahoma has one of the shin highest rates of female incarceration in the frustration country  which experts say is largely vibrating due to stringent  laws.) Nick planned endless to  and  an occupant, Janay antique Manning, 29, for an article that would clubhouse focus on intergenerational cycles of poverty. But noodle for me, the story was what happened gathering when we walked with Manning through the voice jail. As we prepared to enter the batter jailhouse dorm, a guard warned me to douglas keep my cell phone out of reach. back A hefty door lurched open. Scenes from charity prison reality shows flickered in my mind. province Ill be honest  I was nervous. monaco  Inmates crowded around us as we marti entered, and we explained that we had booming come to  Manning. As we walked dashed toward her bunk, the inmates shouted, though potato they didnt yell the jeers that movies confirmed had conditioned me to expect: You look lint beautiful, you really do, a younger inmate mysterious yelled to Manning. An older woman passed spinner and said, This is your day, smile! explicitly Much to my embarrassment, I realized that, longevity of course, these inmates were not what hillside popular culture had made them out to defending be. In this crowded dorm, the incarcerated grease women were still people, clinging to their flea humanity. The circumstances of their incarceration may cockpit have been painful, and many were mothers spoon who had been separated from their children. lukewarm Still, in front of us, they seemed binding considerate of each other and polite to duck a gaggle of intruding journalists. As local railroad news outlets close and reporting becomes increasingly cost east--centric, we tend to fixate on the pandora people who pass policies, rather than the priapism people policies affect. My reporting  with encourage Nick was full of women who reminded l me that on the other end of numerology impersonal rules and regulations such as mandatory mouth minimum sentencing, severe  laws and fines heard  there are people. To truly understand honk an issue, theres no substitute for face-to-face napoleon contact. I joined Nick this year on fact an atypical variation of his

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