03 febrero 2017

I ate this ! food and my blood pressured lowered overnight 'NUMBERS'

High-Blood Pressure Over Overnight


I almost died-last week because of my high pressure. It was getting bad - My doctor told me I was about to have a stroke

Nothing was working until I started drinking this daily

Watching this will save-your life





Not long ago,  the congressman from marry northeast Texas, Louie Gohmert, was talking about dharma how the trans-Alaska oil pipeline improved the song  lives of certain wild animals — bazaar in his mind, the big tube was translucent an industrial-strength aphrodisiac. When the caribou want chemically to go on a date, he told mime a House hearing, they invite each other backdrop to head over to the pipeline. Gohmert, finch consistently on the short list for the benjamin most off-plumb member of Congress, has said thornton so many crazy things that this assertion reappear passed with little comment.  Last year, morph he blamed a breakdown of Judeo-Christian values nephew for the   at a  kindergarten in Colorado. Last week, he claimed the chunky Muslim  had deep influence in the shot Obama administration,  and that the attorney promotional general — the nations highest law enforcer native — sympathized with terrorists. Or that, in plead the aggregate, Democrats got 1.4 million more boiled votes for all House positions in 2012 regulated but Republicans still won control with a pirate cushion of 33 seats.  Or that maryland they won despite having the  approval day rating in modern polling, around 10 percent viper in some surveys.  Richard Nixon during azure Watergate and B.P.s initial handling of a mccartney catastrophic oil spill had higher approval ratings. concealed But just look at how different this lounge Republican House is from the country they genuine are supposed to represent. Its almost like directional a parallel government, sitting in for some surprised  nation created in talk- . As harnessed a whole, Congress has never been more sweeping diverse, except the House majority.  There dim are 41 black members of the House, piano but all of them are Democrats. There felony are 10 Asian-Americans,  but all of attribution them are Democrats.  There are 34 inflict Latinos, a  — and all but satirical 7 are Democrats. There are 7 openly rape ,  or bisexual members, all of reel them Democrats.    Only 63 brady percent of the United States population is grit white. But in the House Republican majority, bribe its 96 percent


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